Are TinySeats really safe?


So, by now you know that TinySeats are a great option for parents on the go, as they are portable and compact, but are they really safe?

When we designed TinySeats together with an award-winning product design consultancy, creating a car seat that would be more convenient for parents was important to us. However, at the core, our mission was always to create a seat that would above all be safe AND tick all the boxes on our wish list as parents.  No compromise!

This unwavering commitment added months to our product development timeline, however if it wasn’t going to be safe enough for our children, it wasn’t going to be good enough for you.

As part of the development process, we closely followed and crash test modeled the car seat after the rules and standards of European safety regulation R44 for children restraint systems to ensure TinySeats’ certification would be recognized in as many countries as possible.

And so, every TinySeat comes with the following safety features:  

1. 5-Point Harness:

TinySeats have 3 configurations: rear-facing, forward-facing and a booster. In the rear-facing and forward-facing configuration, a 5-point harness locks your child down and distributes pressure to reduce impact.

2. Solid Backrest:

In the booster configuration, a solid backrest ensures the seat belt is installed at the right height to protect your child and avoid strangulation.

3. Shock-absorbing Materials:

Tough Polypropylene and impact absorbing GF Nylon are used throughout the seat to ensure maximum protection.

4. Anti-rotational Prop-leg:

To effectively balance the seat and distribute its weight evenly, an anti-rotational prop-leg has been added to the design.


Up to 80% of children’s car seats are installed incorrectly, rendering them ineffective. Correct installation is key to ensuring a car seat fulfills its purpose in a car accident. The best way to ensure the correct installation of a children’s safety system is to make it as easy as possible to install through the use of ISOFIX connectors. Anyone can install TinySeats in less than 40 seconds!

TinySeats Car Seat for Children Safety Features

6. 3-in-1 Convertibility:

The safest way for a child to ride in a car is by being placed rear-facing. However, as rear-facing seats are not typically portable, for parents that don’t own a car, this becomes impossible and safety becomes a choice. By integrating all possible configurations, into one and making it compact and portable, parents will no longer need to make this compromise, ensuring their children are as safe as can be on every journey.

7. One Seat for All Ages:

Besides correct installation, ensuring the appropriate seat is used for your child’s age, weight and height is paramount. Keeping up with your child’s growth can be a challenging and costly exercise. With TinySeats you will only need one seat from the age of 9 months till the age of 7 years – removing this constant headache completely from the equation.

TinySeats car seat for children - all configurations

Combined, we hope that these features will help to overcome the final challenge to children’s safety on the road: many parents have children’s safety seats, but they never use them because they are inconvenient and don’t fit the family’s lifestyle.

With convenience finally being within reach, we hope to enable more parents to never leave safety behind. After all, safety should be no compromise

TinySeats are now available on Indiegogo!