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TinySeats Our Journey - How we developed TinySeats

How we developed TinySeats!

When our founder’s son Jakob outgrew his infant car seat, David Sandgren, went on a mission to find the perfect child safety seat to fit his young family’s lifestyle:

Above all it had to be safe! That meant it would need to be rear-facing. Secondly, living in the city without owning a car, it had to be portable and compact, so that the family could easily take it wherever they went. That also meant it had to be easy and quick to install correctly in any situation.

He searched far and wide, but none of the available options had all the features he was looking for. They were either portable or convertible and none of them could be adapted to the family’s changing needs as Jakob grew. They would constantly need to upgrade to ensure their child’s safety.

He thought there had to be a better way! And so, David started on the long winding journey of developing TinySeats.

The beginning

David knew he couldn’t do it alone. As a first step, he enlisted the expertise of former colleague François Marechal. A nuclear scientist by trade, François shares the same values and vision and took on the role of Chief Operating Officer of the company. Together they sought for the technical expertise necessary to bring the idea to life.

This was easier said than done… Most product and industrial designers and consultancies immediately turned the project down: “It’s impossible. It can’t be done!”

After much trial and error, they found a partner that was ready to take on the challenge. They collaborated on the entire design process until finally the concept was fully developed and it was time to initiate the process to get the EU safety certification.

They were in for a big shock! It soon became clear the design would never pass recent EU safety requirements.

What do we do now?

Despite the disappointment, they decided not to give up. Having come so far, they felt confident there had to be a way – and they would find it!

Working with new partners, the team was introduced to a UK-based product design consultancy which has developed close to 100 children car seats for multiple renowned international brands. After discussing the limitations of the current design in relation to the regulations in place, the team identified opportunities to redevelop the concept and so this new partnership began.

Light at the end of the tunnel!

After another year of hard work, finally TinySeats was born – a portable, compact child safety seat that could be converted to suit the safety needs of any child from the age of 9 months up to the age of 7. Being convenient for parents and above all safe for children in accordance with EU safety standards – the most robust in the world, it is a market first being portable as well as rear- and front-facing and a booster all in one!

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