Why we designed TinySeats with these features

Why we designed TinySeats with these features - innovative children's safety seat

When we embarked on the journey of creating a new and different child safety seat, our mission was clear: creating a car seat that would be convenient for parents AND safe for children of all ages.

Developing a seat that is more convenient for parents was easy. However, with safety being our number one priority, ensuring it would be safe for kids of all ages was a completely different challenge.

If it wasn’t going to be good enough for our kids, it was simply not going to cut it!

In terms of this, it was important to us that TinySeats would meet European safety requirements – the most robust legal framework governing the development of child safety seats across the world. Bringing specialist engineering skills on board was going to be critical to success!

After much trial and error in trying to find the right partner, we collaborated with an award-winning product design consultancy from the UK to bring TinySeats to life.

Combining their technical expertise and engineering excellence with our wish list as parents, TinySeats finally became a reality.

And so, all TinySeats have the following features:

  • Suitable for all ages: TinySeats offer optimal protection for all children from the age of 9 months up to the age of 7 years.

  • Safety: All TinySeats are equipped with standard safety features and will be EU certified once we go into production.

  • Convertible 3-in-1: TinySeats can be installed rear- or forward-facing and can be used as a booster.

  • Portability: TinySeats are compact, yet highly durable, making them extremely convenient to transport. When folded, each TinySeat measures the dimensions of carry-on luggage: 40 x 45 x 20 cm.

  • Easy and quick installation: TinySeats take less than a minute to install and under 30 seconds to remove. With our 3-step installation process, anyone can quickly and easily install TinySeats.

Why was it important to combine all these features?

Our ultimate goal is to keep more children safe by making parent’s lives easier.  We know that many parents have car seats for their children, but that they simply don’t use them. So how do these features help?

TinySeats - children's safety seat, car seat - dimensions


“It’s just impractical! How can I always keep my child safe in a car seat, when it’s so difficult to carry around?”

Sound familiar? For parents that don’t own a car, portability is key! That’s why TinySeats have been designed to be foldable and compact, enabling parents to take them along wherever they go.

TinySeats Car Seat for Children - Installation steps

Ease of use:

“Our car seat is too difficult to install! It just takes too much time.”

Just using a children’s car seat isn’t enough. Correct installation is essential to ensuring your child’s safety. Over 80% of children’s safety seats are incorrectly installed!

Through the use of ISOFIX and other safety features, installing TinySeats is quick and easy. From grandparents to nannies and other people entrusted with looking after your children, anyone can easily and swiftly install TinySeats.



“Kids grow so fast! I feel like I’m constantly investing in a new car seat. It’s impossible to stay on top of it.”

 Not only is correct installation important to ensure your child is protected, but so is using an age-appropriate seat. A child should sit rear-facing for as long as possible. This decreases their risk of injury by up to 80%.

However, once they’ve outgrown that configuration, it’s time to turn them around. Using the correct forward-facing seat or booster reduces their risk by up to 52%, whereas for seat belts, this is only 19%!

The numbers speak for themselves, but we know it’s a pain! That’s why TinySeats are rear-facing, front-facing and a booster all in one. This convertibility makes them suitable for all ages from 9 months till 7 years old.

No more car seat shopping!

TinySeats children's car seat 3-in-1 convertible with 3 configurations: rear-facing, forward-facing, booster

But is it really safe?

Safety is and always has been our number one priority! To ensure TinySeats meet European safety regulations, all TinySeats come with the following safety features:

  • Being rear-facing, forward-facing and a booster all in one, TinySeats can be installed as appropriate for your child’s age.

  • In the rear-facing and forward-facing configuration, a 5-point harness locks your child down and distributes pressure to reduce impact.

  • A solid back rest in the booster configuration ensures the seat belt is installed at the right height to protect your child and avoid strangulation.

  • Shock-absorbing materials are used throughout the seat to ensure maximum protection.

  • An anti-rotational prop-leg distributes the weight of the seat and, together with the ISOFIX connectors, makes it easy to install correctly.

TinySeats children's car seat - safety features

Combined, we hope all these features will make using TinySeats a breeze, so that more parents will happily strap in their kids wherever the road may take them!

One more item on our checklist: Easy maintenance!

Let’s face it, accidents happen, and car seats can become a haven for germs. That’s why our cover materials are removable and washable to ensure TinySeats stay clean and can be used for all your children.

For us, these were the most important items on our list. How about you? Let us know by leaving a comment!